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Young researcher wins TWAS contest

Aziz Ibragimov, Senior Researcher at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, became the winner of the TWAS competition for young scientists (under 40 years old) (Trieste, Italy).

Over 60 new compounds were synthesized by young scientists and their structure was established. An innovative approach has been developed to create effective new generation drugs with simultaneous antimicrobial and growth stimulating actions. He received 2 patents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
60 scientific papers have been published, including 40 scientific articles, mainly, in prestigious foreign journals, such as Acta Crystal Crystographograph Section & A, B, CandE, Polyhedron, Journalof Chemical Chemicals, Journalof Chemical Structures, Coordination Chemicals, Journalof Structural Chemicals, European Journal. Readers cited an article about a candidate published in Polyhedron magazine in 2015 about 500 times. Its Hirsch index is 4. A. Ibrahimov traveled to countries such as Germany, South Korea, Holland, Great Britain, Belgium and Saudi Arabia to conduct joint scientific work and participate in international conferences.

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