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Miniature art in the era of the Temurids and Baburids

The published monograph by Abdumajid Madraimov - the Head of the Department at UZAS the State Museum of the Temurids History, the Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, contains the best scientific researches and three brochures on the development of miniature art in the Temurids and Baburids era.

The main purpose of these scientific researches is to study the perception of great personalities of the Temurid era, such as Amir Temur, Mirzo Ulughbek, Baysunqur Mirzo, Alisher Navaiy, Kamaliddin Behzad, Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur through the arts of book science and miniature, as well as highlighting activities of representatives of the art on the basis of the rare sources that have come to us since then, and new data from the scientific literature. The book also contains a number of studies on the continuity and development of the visual arts of the East, which resumed during the independence years: calligraphy and miniatures.

In general, the monograph is intended for all lovers of beauty, who are interested in the history of miniatures, book art and culture of the Temurid and Baburid era, and can be used as a textbook.

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