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Visit of foreign archaeologists to the Khorezm Academy Mamun

On October 15, 2019 Vice President of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, Director of the Institute of Archeology, Professor N.A. Makarov and his German partner, professor of archeology Klaus van Karnsep visited Khorezm Academy of Mamun. The guests were met by the chairman of the academy and introduced the activities of the Khorezm Academy Mamun. During the discussion with the Academy staff, the guests received answers to all their questions.


The guests got acquainted with the research in the field of archeology conducted by the staff of the Academy and discussed topics of interest to them. The guests also visited the permanent exhibition of the academy. As scientists noted, they were impressed by the city of Khiva, its beautiful architectural monuments and archaeological finds in Humbuztepa.

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