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Expanding international collaboration in the field of medicine

Director of the Institute of Immunology and Human Genomics, Academician T. Aripova and head of the laboratory of genomic cell technologies Khegay TR visited the Kirov Military Medical Academy, and had business negotiations with the department head, doctor of medical sciences, professor Ivanov Andrei Mikhailovich, and the specialist in immuno-technological laboratory diagnostics of the department, candidate of medical sciences Nikitin Yuri. On the agenda was a discussion of issues: the functionality of the MoFlo Astrios EQ device (sorter), scientific applications, staff training, areas of cooperation, the participation of colleagues at a conference in the fall of 2020 in Tashkent.



During the trip Aripova T.U. had business meetings with the head of the department of the Oncology Research Institute, Malek Anastasia, an oncologist biotechnologist about working with the Institute of Human Immunology and Genomics to introduce molecular diagnostic methods for breast cancer, cervical cancer; A joint workshop is scheduled for November 2019.

In addition, employees of the Institute visited the European Training and Consulting Center, where they had a conversation with Professor Kudimov Vladimir Valeryanovich and Perlina Elena Markovna about the organization of training in the basics of international accreditation, certification 17020, 17025, GXP; issues of scientific and practical cooperation were also discussed.

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