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Published a monograph "Contemporary multilateral relations in Central Asia"

The FAN publishing house of the Academy of Sciences published a monograph by Professor M.A. Rakhimov "Contemporary multilateral relations in Central Asia". Modern Central Asia is a part of world history, closely intertwined with global processes. The variety of transformations taking place in the world shows the ambiguous dynamics of interstate, interregional and intercivilizational relations. The book examines the formation of independent States in the Central Asian region, the formation of their foreign policy priorities, and the dynamics of multilateral relations. This stage is characterized by significant changes in international relations and geopolitical transformations in Central Asia. It is indicated that thanks to the active regional course of the President of Uzbekistan to intensify political and socio-economic dialogue with neighboring countries, positive results were achieved both in the region and at the international level.

The paper considers the correlation and mutual influence of national, regional and global processes, geopolitical aspects in the history of international relations in Central Asia, the transformation of modern international relations and the formation of Central Asian studies, interstate relations and integration processes in Central Asia, the formation of the CIS, the institutional development of the SCO and its role in ensuring stability in Eurasia; the state and problems of the CICA and the cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking countries, as well as the "Central Asia + Japan", "Central Asia – Republic of Korea" and "Central Asia + USA" formats as new factors of multilateral relations in the region. It is noted that the existing complex of problems in Central Asia requires expanding and deepening the entire range of relations, including, in addition to fruitful political and economic cooperation, cultural and humanitarian components.

The book uses an interdisciplinary approach, the work is based on historical materials and archival documents, data from state and public institutions in Central Asia, Russia, Germany, USA, China, France, Japan, India, the Republic of Korea, the European Union, the SCO, the CIS, etc. For the purpose of a comprehensive study, expert surveys were conducted among various specialists, interviews were conducted with officials in Central Asian countries and other nations, representatives of international and regional organizations, which made it possible to cover the research topic more widely.

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