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A book on the foreign policy of the Republic of Korea was published in Seoul with the participation of specialists from different countries

In the context of the systemic modernization of Uzbekistan, the national Academy of Sciences together with foreign countries, is conducting an active process of international academic cooperation. In particular, in the process of the implementation of the international project of Seoul University, the team of authors from Republic of Korea, Malaysia, India, Russia  and Uzbekistan jointly published book in Korean and English:  Na Yongwoo, Cheng-Chwee Kuik, Jagannath Panda, Artyom Lukin,  Mirzokhid Rakhimov. Evaluation and Tasks of New Southern and New Northern Policies from an Overseas Perspective. Korean Institute for Korean Unification. Seoul, Republic of Korea. 2020. 423 p.).


The book consists of four chapters, in the first chapter, Cheng Kuik Professor of the National University of Malaysia, examines the main directions of relations between South Korea and the countries of Southeast Asia, trade and economic relations of the Republic of Korea with ASEAN, one of the most effective regional economic structures. In the second chapter, professor Jagannath Panda  from Nehru University, analyzes the latest trends in relations between India and the Republic of Korea. In the third chapter, Professor Artyom Lukin, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Regional and International Studies of the Far Eastern Federal University, examines the historical aspects and the current state of relations between Russia and South Asia, including also such aspects as relations between South and North Korea. In the fourth chapter, Professor Mirzokhid Rakhimov from the Center for Contemporary History of Uzbekistan at the Academy of Sciences, examines the history of the formation and development of the main directions of political, economic, cultural and humanitarian relations between the Republic of Korea and the countries of Central Asia, the implementation of "Central Asia + the Republic of Korea" and other multilateral formats, as well as initiatives of the countries of the region, including Uzbekistan, for the peaceful solution of problems on the Korean Peninsula.

This book is a good gift for the upcoming 30th anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the countries of Central Asia and the Republic of Korea. We hope that this book will be useful to students and everyone who is interested in modern history and international relations of Central Asia and the Republic of Korea.

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