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Stone Age news of Uzbekistan

In October 2020, members of National Archeological Center A.G. Muhammadiev, R.Z. Ibragimov, G’.A. Mukhtarov, under the leadership of Sh. Ruzmatov along with the staff of Angren City Museum conducted scientific research on the sloops of the Chatkal and Qurama mountain ranges.

As a result of the studies a number of archeological monuments were discovered. Among which, 2 Stone Age workshops, 2 settlements, a complex of tombs and Rock Art were found in the upper reaches of the Yangiabad and Karabakh rivers of the Angren oasis.

Findings from Stone Age workshops have shown that the periodic boundary of these monuments dates from the Middle Paleolithic to the end of the Late Paleolithic.

One of the identified sites is located near to the workshop and dates back to the Late Paleolithic. The second location appears to date back to the end of the Late Paleolithic period of the Stone Age. The dates of the monuments have been obtained on the basis of surface findings, and further research may shed light on the matter.


Among the finds are unique ones that have never been seen before in the Paleolithic of Uzbekistan. In particular, the stone tumor is unique not only for Uzbekistan, but also in world.

The identified Rock Art and burial mounds show that these areas were actively exploited by humans in different historical periods.

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